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Purun Bag

Purun is a kind of grass that lives wild nearby water of wamp. It can be used as many kind of craft.


You Know??

In the middle of 2017 Masliah and Hamidah began their own business in making of various kind of purun products after they decide to terminate those activities for many years ago.

Masliah and Hamidah still working in their farms while they grab the purun plant that lives nearby the swamp around their farms. In the afternoon, they back home and start to dry the purun grass by sun drying process.

In the next day, after drying process have already done, they start to mesh the purun manually and they continue with coloring process. 

After coloring process have already done, they dry the coloring purun until completely dry by sun drying process.

The weaving process were done in the evening time while they accompany their children to prepare the study for tomorrow. They weave many kind of product crafts like wallet, bag, hat and mat with various color, shape and motif.

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