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Molten Glass

Molten glass on driftwood is incredible piece as it is hand blown to create unique table-top terrarium. It is formed over a natural driftwood base.


You Know??

People wonder how the glass fits perfectly to the wood. By blowing the glass directly into the wood cut-outs, it allows the glass to perfectly fit and they look as if they were naturally formed together.

The process of free-blowing involves the blowing of short puffs of air into a molten portion of glass called a '"gather" which has been spooled at one end of the blowpipe.

Is still one of a kind and totally unique piece began with a piece of a wood root and then a skilled artisan, who has a love and an eye for the art of glass blowing.

Begins blowing the molten glass onto the shape of the root glass begins to flow and cradling the form of the wood, until the artisans makes it into a glass vessel that can be filled with items of your own imagination

Hand blown and handmade by craftsmanship makes the Molten Glass looks elegant and yet functional design.

Behind The Scene

Making Handblown Glass on Teak Root
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