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Mengkuang (screwpine

leaves) or pandanus weaving is one of the traditional arts still very much alive and its

products are still in



You Know??

The Mengkuang products are 100% handmade by villagers and natural product.
Mengkuang can be turned into various crafts such as coin bags, purse, pencil case, handbag, keychains and so on.

The tall, thorny leaves of Mengkuang are collected, boiled, dyed and dried under the sun for number of weeks before turned into colorful crafts.

To weave Mengkuang needs certain season only. If weather is too hot, mengkuang cannot be processed.

Local artist only can weave during rainy season or decide to awake for the whole night to complete mengkuang product.Weaving during hot weather will damage the mengkuang leaves.  

They (customers) praise my products saying it looks simple but they don’t have idea how complicated the process is.

Behind The Scene