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Jute Bag

Jute fibre is 100%

bio-degradable & recyclable. Its also natural fibre with golden & silky shine & hence called THE GOLDEN FIBRE.


You Know??

Good for the air, good for the soil and source of pulp wood is the origin of jute. Jute is also second to cotton.

Many advantages of jute bag can be found as it is durable, reusable and environmentally friendly for all walks of life.

As jute is grown by the farmers in rural areas thus if jute and its various products are much sought and sold in the market, then it would be a very big support for this rural people.

Jute is an annual crop grown mainly in India and Bangladesh in the fertile Ganges Delta. It is classified in the lime tree family (Tiliaceae) by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens but jute has sometimes been placed in Malvaceae with cotton or more recently in Sparrmanniaceae.

Love our earth by having jute bags as they cause no threat to the environment.

Behind The Scene

Jute Processing
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